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Fort Worth Skyline at Night
Fort Worth Skyline at Night

Welcome to FortWizard.com!

I started building this site back in 2011. My buddy Steve Steward was always talking about wizards and getting wizarded and Fort Wizard. So obviously I had to build a site about it, right?

This is a site about magic and spells and sorcery. Oh wait. It’s not. It’s actually about Fort Worth and all of Fort Worth’s various scenes, scenery, and scenarios.

But wait! Aren’t there already a ton of websites about Fort Worth? Yes. There are. But this one is different. Different I tell you!

The purpose of FortWizard.com is all about archiving our collective memories. It’s a diary and a journal. A web log, if you will.

You’re probably not going to learn anything here. It’s not going to be some kind of groundbreaking news center. There will be nearly zero journalistic integrity. I don’t even think we’ll ever use a spellchecker. And I certainly don’t ever want to have to edit anything that gets posted here. Nope. This is a diary, and I really just want to use it as a way to record our memories.

Fort Worth is full of potential energy. There’s just so much going on these days. To organize the potential content, I have created 10 main categories:

  1. Beard & Sword [Topics: Live Music, Concerts, Venues]
  2. Quest [Topics: Epic Hangs, Out on the Town, Travel]
  3. Robe & Hat [Topics: Arts, Fashion, Thrift Stores]
  4. Stave [Topics: Bands, Music, CDs]
  5. Spell [Topics: Movies, TV Shows, Theater]
  6. Cauldron [Topics: Food, Restaurants, Taco Wagons]
  7. Potion [Topics: Bars, Pubs, Drinks]
  8. Herbs [Topics: The High Life]
  9. Joust [Topics: Sports, Video Games, Wrestling]
  10. Braid & Shoppe [Topics: Salons, Shops, Boutiques]

As you can see, I tried to stay in the wizard’s realm when I chose the category names. Honestly, it’s just some boilerplate vernacular from medieval times. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly clear: If it’s happening in Fort Worth, someone might write about it on FortWizard.com.

It might be an awesome show at a terrible, new venue or a terrible show at badass, old venue. It might be an epic hang with yourself and/or your friends, where you only kinda remember most of the details. It might be a rant or a reaction to some sporting event. Maybe it’s a recording session. Maybe it’s an old movie. Maybe it’s some girlie shit (Lauren’s word choice!) like salons and boutiques and such. Maybe it’s an intriguing port-a-potty near an amazing food truck. Maybe it’s a band that we all need to hear. Whatever it may be, it will be documented here. Possibly.

So…without further ado, I present to you FortWizard.com.

If you have any issues or want to leave us some feedback, please check out the contact page.

Thanks for reading.

Now go get wizarded!

Kerry Dean


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