…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Empty Tecate & Pizza Boxes

Stardate: Last Thursday in May. Location: The Smoke Tardis, Haltom City, Texas. The members of Stoogeaphila gather as the sun sets over Haltom City. We gather to practice a pretty cool set (if I do say so myself) we are getting ready for our show at the Sunshine Bar (902 W Division St.) this Saturday night. It’s a benefit for a 5 year old little girl who is bravely fighting brain cancer. This band is perfect for benefits since all of us have other bands and jobs to make money. So making money in Stoogeaphilia isn’t really a priority but occasionally we do make a few bucks.

But there is only one Big Joe's Pizza & Pasta.
But there is only one Big Joe's Pizza & Pasta.

Since our inception just shy of 6 years ago, we have taken the money we make playing shows and have used it to fuel our practices with beer and pizza. It’s usually Tecate in the can and always, always, Big Joe’s Pizza (2733 Denton Hwy). Now there are plenty of “Joe’s Pizza & Pasta” restaurants all over DFW…all over the world for all I know. It’s almost like the Ray’s Pizza restaurants in NYC where you have “Ray’s Original Pizza”, “Famous Ray’s Pizza” and “World-Famous Original Ray’s Pizza”. No one really knows which one is the real Ray’s (27 Prince Street, NYC…. RIP). But there is only one Big Joe’s Pizza & Pasta (actually two…2733 Denton Hwy and 5111 N Beach St). There is something about Joe’s pies that just stand out above the pack. We always opt for the Extra Large Cheese and we are never disappointed. So if you’re ever passing through Haltom City with a hankerin’ for classic New York style pizza, do yourself a favor and pick a pie from Big Joe’s Pizza & Pasta. We recommend putting the Stooge’s Funhouse on your turntable, cracking the easy drinking lager of your choice for maximum enjoyment Stoogeaphilia style.

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