The Apache 5 with Kevin Aldridge & the Appraisers

The Good Show's Tony Diaz
The Good Show’s Tony Diaz

I went to see The Apache 5 at Lola’s last night. It was pretty damn awesome. And to make it even awesomer, Kevin Aldridge & the Appraisers were also playing the show. Now that I’m a dad, I don’t make it out to shows as often as I used to. So when I had the chance to see two of my favorite bands in one night, I had to find a way to get out of the house and stay up past midnight.

I’m really glad I went. It turns out that the show was part of the The Good Show‘s Live Music Series, so I got to see Tony Diaz. I love that dude. He’s just super stoked about local music and live music and music in general. And he loves Fort Worth. I remember playing a couple of the FWAC events that he put on several years ago. Those events were awesome. Tony is a really positive guy. Just so upbeat. I dig that about him. But enough of my Tony Diaz lovefest…

I also ran into Kenny Wayne, and we got to talk about amps for a while. Which was super awesome. We got to chat about vintage amps, too! Two dudes talking amps…does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

And if you didn’t know, Kenny has started his own amplifier company called Mockingbird Amps. The dude knows his stuff. Kenny masterminds the electronic guts of the amp, and then he’s got Greg Pate doing all the cosmetic work, building some of the most beautiful custom cabs I’ve ever seen. To date, I have only seen a handful of designs, and they all look amazing! #want

One of Kenny Wayne's Mockingbird Amps made for Jordan Richardson
One of Kenny Wayne’s Mockingbird Amps made for Jordan Richardson

I don’t know how you feel about your friends doing something awesome, but it makes me super happy to see my friends creating music. In the grand scheme of things, we are not here for a very long time. There’s lots of stuff we could be doing. In my opinion, making music is one of the greatest things we could ever do. In conclusion, it was an amazing show, and I’m really glad I got to be there to experience it.

At the show, I was able to grab a couple of videos on my iPhone, and I wanted to share them here. So here you go:

Kevin Aldridge & the Appraisers – Please Let Me Down

Kevin Aldridge & the Appraisers – Layin Around

The Apache 5 – Song Medley [Flash Powder (The Apache 5), Intro / The Contenders (Kinks)]