Ye Olde Bull & Bush Defines Neighborhood Pub

Since this is my first blog, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Lauren. I moved to Fort Worth the fall of 2000 to attend TCU and have been smitten with the city ever since. While I did move to Baltimore for a few years for my career, I’m happy to be back living in what I consider to be the best city in America. I’m looking forward to writing about some of the new things Fort Worth is bringing us food/bar/music-wise. But I also look forward to writing about things that might appeal to my fellow wizard-ettes. Dirty dive bars are great and all, but sometimes a girl just needs a good pedicure, you know? But before I explore all the new, I’m going to begin with one of my favorite older haunts in Fort Worth. So without further ado, here is my first blog!

Ye Olde Bull And Bush Pub (Fort Worth, TX)
Ye Olde Bull And Bush Pub (Fort Worth, TX)

Ye Olde Bull and Bush has been a favorite meeting spot for my friends and I for the better part of the last decade. At some point, we began affectionately calling it Ye Olde Twist and Shout for some reason, but like most ideas that occur while drinking good beer and whiskey, I cannot remember why.

The Bull and Bush pretty much defines the idea of a neighborhood pub, with a lot of the patrons having little in common except their favorite watering hole. Everyone is friendly, from the patrons to the staff and the ambience is one where no one is trying too hard to out-cool or out fashion anyone else, which is pretty refreshing. Additionally, the staff is completely knowledgeable about their wide beer selection and they are willing to share the wealth with samples of beer until you find one that suits your fancy.

If I had a complaint, it would be the same one I have about most FW bars- I wish they would ban indoor smoking! I’ll save my rant/thoughts about that particular topic for another time but as someone who spent the past four years in a city with an indoor smoking ban, I can tell you it’s pretty great.

We all know the brutal summer is coming soon but it’s not here yet so I hope you will take advantage of this decent spring weather and join me on the patio with some cold beers. Feel free to bring the dog!

Ye Old Bull and Bush is located at 2300 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, TX 76107.